Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Howdy, friends!

It is nice to see my pals from idolbloglive coming over to wish me well. Thanks to all of you. I will be posting more recipes in days to come, too.

Mrs. E. and I are deciding where to go for our health walk today. The weather is so lovely at the moment that we just want to go outdoors and bask. We may do some of that as well as walking.

We know that this time of year brings severe weather to many parts of the country and for that we feel for those of you who are suffering the wrath of mother nature. Our prayers are with you all. We are especially disturbed by all the flooding in the Ohio and Mississippi basins.

So with the birds songs in our ears and a lilt in our stride, we venture forth. If anything interesting happens, I will let you know when we return from our walk.

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DJSlim said...

Welcome to the blogging world Doc :)