Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Mexico Breakfast - I hope!

This is my attempt to recreate the New Mexico Breakfast recipe I posted on Idolfriends before the database met a vicious, permanent end. Sorry Slim. Technology isn't supposed to do that to you.

New Mexico Breakfast

These ingredient amounts are per person. Reason being that I cook mine with Egg Beaters or Better-N-Eggs and my wife's with Just Whites. Different maladies, different diets. But I can handle it!

Two large eggs or 1/2 cup of egg substitute
1/4 to 1/2 cup New Mexico green chiles (sometimes called Anaheims but not in New Mexico)
More chiles will result in a difficult dish to handle and will serve up a little ugly, but indulge your passion for the spicy stuff. These chiles are mild enough for a baby.
1/4 cup Colby-Jack shredded cheese or 1 stick. My favorite is Precious brand Sticksters.

Preheat a 6 inch or 8 inch non-stick skillet. You may use either 1 tsp. of olive oil or 1 tsp. of butter. Put the chiles into the hot pan and stir with a plastic or wooden spatula. I love my wooden tools! Don't let the chiles overbrown or your eggs, especially if you use allwhites, will look an unsavory shade of tan.

You may also add minced onion at this step if you so desire. I like green onions in mine. Add the eggs and stir until the chiles and/or onions are well coated. Let stand for a few minuites and scramble. Soft scrambled works best. Add the cheese, either shredded or broken into pieces and stir continuously until all the cheese disappears into the eggs.

Serve with hot tortillas, your choice of juice and enjoy!

If everybody in the family or group wants whole eggs, you can go nuts with a big skillet and lots of eggs, chiles and cheese. Let your mind go and your hands get into it. :D


colo24 said...

huevos rancheros, gotta love them. They'd be great with NM #6 chilis also Doc. You've made me hungry.

Amy, aka ABB said...

We would have to add the REAL hot peppers here. Bill has about 6 pepper plants that he's been babying for about 5-6 years, They look like mini trees. And the peppers will make grown men break out into a full body sweat.

TLR said...


Dr. Electro said...

Well, I'm glad you all have an appetite for the spicier side of life. It makes lots of things just taste better and the chiles are good for you.

Amy, I would definitely taste those peppers. I grew up with a lot of Mexican-American kids and ate their mamas' cooking. I'm ready for the hot stuff.

24, in Albuquerque you can't get huevos rancheros any other way. They are just great. There's a little Mexican place up the street from us that has a daily breakfast special - huevos rancheros for $3.95. Yum!