Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nothing special today.

Just a word or two today. Not feeling all that great but still not bad. Weather is beautiful here this time of year. I need to get out and walk but just don't feel up to it. I suppose a walk to the mailbox will have to suffice. Of course, I intend to feed the birds as well. I'm still finagling with the new camera, trying to get a few good bird pix. I'll post any good ones here.

God bless you all and check back tomorrow.


Amy, aka ABB said...

It's okay to have a nothing special day.... I have lots of those. Sometimes I even nap all afternoon, just to make sure nothing stays nothing. But tomorrow I'm going to try to post pictures of a quilt in progress using a new/old technique my quilt guild is going to be learning in a couple of weeks. It's one of those "measure twice, cut once" things, gulp. No shaky hands for me! Check out my blog late in the afternoon @

Dr. Electro said...

I'll be there, Amy. You are so creative with textiles I'm almost envious. But being your friend is better than being envious any day. :)