Monday, March 31, 2008

More Hillary Hokum

Okay, Hillary has proven herself to be a liar already. Now she is saying that if she gets elected president she will cut middle-class taxes by 100,000,000 dollars a year. That's one hundred million clams a year. Is that more of that sniper fire we hear?

It's like her concept of universal health care. Make every American man, woman and child buy health insurance whether they can afford it or not. During Bill's first 100 days, she said, "We are going to make the deadbeats pay up!" Does anybody really think that she has had a change of heart during the past 16 years? Not on your sweet bippy!

So now she has her lapdog, Carville calling Richardson a Judas. He is anything but. He is a savvy polititian with a good sense of right and wrong. What Bill did for Governor Richardson has no bearing on Richardson's political decisions. If Richardson wants to back Obama, he is free to do so.


Amy, aka ABB said...

And you know that when taxes are cut in one place, they're going to rise in another! That or some program will be cut because the money is no longer there to fund it.

Dr. Electro said...

Now, Bill Richardson is telling both Bill and Hillary to get over it. His loyalty belongs to the USA, not to the Clintons. He is convinced that Obama is the strongest candidate in the race. That's plenty good enough for me.