Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dumb Weather Channel!

Sitting here eating a chicken salad sandwich and watching the dumb weather channel. Why are they dumb? Because all they do is talk about the weather. They never do a doggone thing about it.

Okay, so Winter's over here in Albuquerque. The temperatures are up in the upper seventies and pushing into the low eighties. The snowfalls are done for this year and the deep dry has set in. All the storm systems shoot past us to the North and we stay bone dry. Parched, even. Daily humidity readings in the single digits. Yesterday, for example, the humidity dropped all the way to 3%. Yes, it is that dry here.

My skin is a mass of flakes. I don't even want to go outside where people can see my dryness. My wife is complaining of the same problem. If the wind would let up for a few days it might be a little nicer but I doubt it. The mountains are only about ten miles away from home and I can't see them for the shroud of dust hanging in the way.

I think I'll go stand in the shower until I look like a white prune. Maybe my skin will stay damp for a few minutes.

Other than that, life in Albuquerque is still pretty nice. I have some nice neighbors. I can watch the middle schoolers play tennis across the street. I can feed the little birds and watch their antics.

I also have this thing called a computer. It's my connection to the world. Howdy, friends!


Amy, aka ABB said...

I hear that if you watch the weather channel long enough, you'll eventually hear something that will be what you were listening for. hahahahahaha

DrillerAA said...

Howdy Doc.!
I've never considered anyone terribly intelligent who will actually travel to someplace to be in a Hurricane, so they can tell the rest of us how bad it is.