Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I knew I was right! :)

I have long been a proponent of storing my open peanut butter in the cabinet or pantry instead of the fridge. It turns out that Live Science . Com has scientific evidence to back me up!


So, if you don't like the PB in the fridge because it tears holy heck out of your bread and just won't spread, put it in the pantry instead. Go ahead, it lasts for a year without refrigeration. Down with frozen peanut butter! Go smooshy PB&J sammiches!


Dr. Electro said...

Didn't realize I was rhyming there for a bit. I like it though!

Amy, aka ABB said...

I didn't know storing it in the fridge was ever recommended! Yuck! That would take all the creamy out!

Dr. Electro said...

It hardens right up. My mother always kept PB in the fridge. Pancake syrup and honey, too.