Friday, April 11, 2008

Mental Exercise ...

I got this from Driller at Brain Freeze by way of Teri over at Eye ........ See You. Thanks for sharing y'all!

If I were a direction I’d be...Southwest - near San Diego but not in the city.
If I were furniture I’d be… computer desk - always busy with what I like to do
If I were a liquid I’d be…root beer float - always tasty and creamy with just enough fizz
If I were a sin I’d be…Gluttony - always wanting more (I know it was Teri's but it fits.)
If I were a gem/stone I’d be…Star Sapphire - as blue as my eyes
If I were a metal I’d be…titanium - strong, light and heat resistant
If I were a tree I’d be…pinon pine - an ecosystem unto myself and my jaybirds
If I were a fruit I’d be… an apple - brilliant, sweet and full of crispy snap
If I were a flower I’d be…yucca - shaped like a lily, home to bees and living in the high desert
If I were weather I’d be…a severe thunderstorm - full of donder und blitzen
If I were a music instrument I’d be…bass guitar - opinionated and authoritative
If I were an element I’d be…nitrogen - plentiful in the air but explosive in the right company
If I were a color I’d be…steel blue - like my eyes but harder
If I were an animal I’d be…a dragon - noble, intelligent, immortal beast with fiery breath
If I were a sound I’d be…glasses clinking - in a perpetual toast to my fellow man
If I were a lyric I’d be… Doctor my eyes have seen the years, And the slow parade of tears - I feel more this way with each passing year
If I were a music type I'd be...Heavy Metal - The slow, musical kind, like Black Sabbath
If I were a perfume/cologne I'd be...Axe Essence - the ultimate duality of personality
If I were a feeling I’d be…powerful - like a 50-ton muscle ready to flex
If I were a book I’d be…a horrific suspense novel - keeping you glued to the pages and scaring the bejeesus out of you at the end
If I were food I’d be…a jalapeno - not hot enough to set you on fire but hot enough that you will remember my passage
If I were a city I’d be…San Diego - big, pulsing with life but retaining that small town charm
If I were a taste I’d be…nutmeg - no explanation
If I were a scent I’d be…newborn kitten fur - nothing to compare to it
If I were a word I’d be…steadfast - corny thought? not at all
If I were a verb I’d be…fighting - to the bitter end and never giving up
If I were an object I’d be…nutcracker - always trying to get to the meat of the problem
If I were a piece of clothing I’d be…boots - sturdy, tough and leathery
If I were a body part I’d be…rock-hard abs - because
If I were a facial expression I’d be…sarcastic smirk - because it fits so well on my face
If I were a cartoon character I’d be…Bugs Bunny - clever, sassy and irreverent
If I were a movie I’d be…Holes - because life is a futile struggle but the perseverent can win in the end
If I were a geometrical figure I’d be…irregular polygon - I'm hard to "figure"
If I were one of the 4 seasons I’d be…Winter - I like it cool
If I were a sentence I’d be…Never give up, never surrender, never admit defeat.

I say help yourself to the exercise and replace my answers with your own. Go ahead! It's fun!


Amy, aka ABB said...

Interesting.... kind of fills in some of the blanks of what makes you you. I copied it and will work on this over the weekend for my blog. If you can take the leap, so can I!!
PS. What song is the lyric from?

Dr. Electro said...

The song is Jackson Browne's "Doctor My Eyes" circa 1975.

DrillerAA said...

Great list Doc. I haven't thought of Black Sabbath in ages.