Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ramblings and Random Thoughts

The weather here has gone dry. We haven't had half the normal moisture so far this year. We are under high fire danger or red flag warnings daily. The wind is up - no surprise there - since this is Albuquerque in April. The dust is getting rather bad but we are expecting the Rio Grande to flood once the snowmelt starts in earnest up in the mountains. At least I live up in the heights. The flooding won't reach this far.

Other than dry weather we are having fun here. Our neighbors are always doing fun stuff that we can either watch, like garage sales, or participate in, like chasing the little kids around the courtyard. Life is pretty good.

Now if I could just win that lottery!


Amy, aka ABB said...

You can have some of our rain :)

TLR said...

we need some rain too

Dr. Electro said...

You always need rain where you are. You are too close to Death Valley.