Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturdays have become strange around here. I keep having low blood glucose episodes. Last Saturday's almost landed me in the hospital. Puh-LEEZE! Not again! I'm tired of that place! Tonight, I caught it in time and managed to eat enough to stay level and safe.

We got a little rain last Saturday. Today the humidity is totally missing. We got as low as 6% this afternoon. Like my old pal Bob Dale in San Diego would say on his weathercast, "It was so dry you could hear the window putty breaking up." At 10:20 pm it's back up to 15%. I like that much better.

But to cap off the strangeness, one of our new neighbors has young girls. They love to disturb the neighbors. They will gallop up and down the metal stairs making all the noise they can. They will rap on windows and doors while running Hell-bent-for-leather up and down the walkways. They will go into the breezeways and turn off the circuit breakers to other people's apartments. They hit again tonight. I had to hook up my portable oxygen and go out with my flashlight to turn the refrigerator, bathroom lights and bedroon wall sockets and lights back on. Fortunately for us this time, they missed the breakers that run our TV and computers. Lucky us. I just got through talking to the security guys about it. My next-door neighbor saw them and saw which apartment they ran into. I hope they at least get a talking to out of it.

Post me a comment if anything strange has happened at your home lately, please.


Amy, aka ABB said...

Hoodlums in the making - that could be really dangerous. I would hope they get more than just a "talking to". No strangeness here at the moment, but spring has done sprung! The birds are up to their wild antics outside the window, frequently banging into the glass doors as they swoop and chase each other. Must be mating season.

bon said...

Calling Dr. E! Calling Dr. E! We missed you over at Slim's last night. Please let us know how you are doing.

Amy, aka ABB said...

Hey Doc - just checking in on you. Everything okay?

Dr. Electro said...

I'm ok. I have a persistent rash from the cardiac catheterization lab and it itches but nothing major wrong. Thanks for asking! :D